Are you missing out on an opportunity for awesomeness?

For many mornings Dave and I had a version of the following conversation.

Dave <pulling open the door open of the fridge> “Are you going to eat the leftover chicken for lunch?”

Melissa <sitting at the kitchen table, in my bushy brown robe, glasses and pyjamas pen in hand drinking my morning tea> “Maybe”.

Dave “Ok, well, it needs to get eaten up.”

Melissa “Mm-hmm

Ever since I met Dave I noticed that he does not like to see food wasted. In particular, he loves to finish leftovers. Me? I could take them or leave them. I have been known to leave them for weeks in the fridge until I finally do a clean out dumping the science projects in the compost and wondering why I ever kept them in the first place. For Dave, it’s important not to waste food and I admire him for this.

That morning, something changed. I had just finished reading the The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts by Gary Chapman and I was pretty sure that one of Dave’s primary love languages was “acts of service”. I smiled. It dawned on me that I had an opportunity for awesomeness here.

Eat the chicken
Me, loving Dave.

I was going to eat the chicken.

It was an easy way for me to show my love for Dave. I was happy to do it actually and it was good for me to bring my lunch – it’s pretty much always healthier. Why had I resisted leftovers for so long? Really, it was win-win.

Now when I stare into the fridge and spy the storage containers filled with food I don’t see compost, I see opportunities for awesomeness.

If our partner’s love language is in acts of service, all we have to do is listen for the requests that they are making of us and do them.

What acts of love have you done or could you do for your partner? 

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