Sometimes you just gotta muscle through it

hanging pictures
Surprisingly these pictures took some muscle to hang. I forced the wires on the backs to adjust the heights.

Around the house I am often asking Dave for help with something that I cannot quite fix. I sometimes hesitate out of concern that I am going to break it (with my brute strength apparently) and I do not force objects where they do not seem to want to go. When I call on Dave, he  comes over and  bangs, pushes, or turns until it works. This was driving me crazy because I thought  – well, why didn’t I do that?

Now, when I think to ask Dave for help, first I ask myself: what would Dave do? I try a little harder to open the jar. Or, I pull harder on the nail to get it out. Usually it involves doing something a little rougher than I normally would. Usually, it works.

This has helped me to learn that sometimes taking action is better than overthinking which precise and specific action would be best. It’s also pretty unlikely that I am going to break something if I try to use my strength and if I do break it, well, it’s probably replaceable. No big whoop.

I am sure there is a metaphor for life in here somewhere. When times get a little tougher, we need to get a little tougher too. Dave says, Oh no – his secret is out! Sometimes you gotta just muscle through it.

What’s your strategy when you come up against an obstacle? Do you muscle your way through it? 

2 thoughts on “Sometimes you just gotta muscle through it

  1. Love the phrase paralysis by analysis and it’s so true that life does not need to be perfect to be wonderful. Sometimes you’ve got to live through a mess or two to get to where you want to go. Thank you for adding your insights!


  2. This is funny that my wife just hung an array of 25 photos like you have in your photo (5 rows X 5 columns) in our bedroom to create a picture wall of our trip to the Great Smoky Mountains last year 😉 I fall into the same camp sometimes … paralysis by analysis. Being the perfectionist that I am, I often try to solve problems or situations perfectly when good enough will do just fine. When you go with the flow and just find a way, you tend to be less stressed with less worries and enjoy life more (not to mention get more done). And even if it doesn’t turn out perfectly, I found a quote that states life does not need to be perfect in order to be wonderfull 🙂


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