How can we make better choices in our daily routines?

How do you make a good choices on a daily basis and avoid getting stuck in a rut
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Lately I have been trying to make some changes in how I spend my time at home. I was getting down in the dumps about having so little time with my daughter during the week and having the evenings after putting Maggie to bed seemingly get sucked up with a bit of TV, cleaning up and getting ready for the next day.

I am sure others have this problem too. My energy was so low at home and I was finding that the time I did have was spent watching TV or surfing the internet and then feeling gross afterwards.

I was motivated to change but I was still having a hard time choosing better activities. I needed a frame of mind to snap me out of the regular routines.

I started to compare my options of activities instead of just falling into watching TV or surfing. I tried asking myself: when I am finished, what is going to make me feel better…watching TV for another hour or creating space on my phone so that I can take more video of my daughter? Surfing the internet or learning a new song on my guitar?

By presenting the options the choice becomes clear and it motivates me to do the activity that I really want to do.

What are your strategies for making better choices in your daily routines?

2 thoughts on “How can we make better choices in our daily routines?

  1. I make plans in advance, even for things like spending time with my mother. Whatever I think is lacking, I schedule – the weirder it might seem, it really works a lot of the time.

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