Writing down your ideas can bring freedom

Write it down!

Sometimes I feel like I have lots of ideas but I don’t take action. Recently, I was talking to the owner of a wellness clinic about this problem and she suggested that I write down all of my ideas without necessarily committing to action.  She said I may just decide to take action one day and on that day I will have lots to choose from.

Her idea is similar to the “universal capture” idea in Getting Things Done by David Allen and also Gretchen Rubin’s “Save the Strength“.

Most of my ideas are overwhelmingly large such as “write an e-book” (even though I have no material) or “create a meditation club” (even though I don’t currently meditate on a regular basis). It’s also different from writing down “to dos” because these ideas are often large projects that would make up a series of “to dos”.

By writing my ideas down I found it not only gave me a sense of purpose but it also gave me a sense of freedom. I have realized that it’s almost as though my ideas can get trapped in my mind and by writing them down it not only releases me from them but also makes me feel as though I just might just get to them someday.

Do you write down your ideas? Does it give you a sense of purpose, freedom or accomplishment? How do you choose what to do next?

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below or by joining the self improvers community.

One thought on “Writing down your ideas can bring freedom

  1. We are probably speaking from different venues here, but the principle may still be the same. I often have a lot of ideas for fictional stories that I may like to write. Often, I either dismiss them as silly or put the recording of the idea off until later. Yep, I usually forget the whole darn thing.

    And sometimes, when I do write down what I think, it is silly. And, I’m okay with that. The funny thing is that when I do write it down, a lot of times it leads me past my original idea and on to an idea that is even more interesting or appealing than the original one.

    Basically, it’s only in allowing ourselves to mull over and think about things that it is given permission to mature and mold itself into something that eventually provokes us to take action. For me, at least 🙂 Good luck and best wishes for an inspired day!


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