Do you have something in common with Da Vinci?

Did you know that Da Vinci shared some of his artwork but his drawings and designs were not shared as he was creating them. He used sheets of paper to draw, make notes and observations,  which were later bound as books.

He had 100s of inventions that were before his time – from a flying machine to a diving apparatus. Many of his ideas and designs were ahead of his time and were just missing the materials required to make them reality.

There is no evidence that Da Vinci made any effort to have his works published. In fact, he hid his ideas in his notebooks and transcribed his ideas in mirrored text. There is much speculation about why this might be but no real answers.

I believe that Da Vinci was stuck in generating and capturing his ideas – the first part of the writing process – and never shared the majority of his ideas and designs.

I used to really struggle with the sharing component of the writing process. Now, I am sharing my strengths as a coach and a writer and I see how this is a critical part of the writing, and creative, process.

Who knows how history would have unfolded if Da Vinci had moved through the writing process, created a publication and shared his works earlier…

Is there something that you have a desire to share and you are unsure about where to start?

Your next step is to email me at to request your important Discovery Call where we will discuss what’s happening with you and whether the work I do is a fit for you.

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