4 steps to Stop Procrastinating When Writing

We procrastinate about writing because we inevitably do not feeling like writing. We need to plan ahead of time to manage not feeling like writing until it becomes more automatic for us.

Here are four steps to stop procrastinating when writing:

  1. Ask yourself why you are writing and write down your compelling reason for writing. It needs to be convincing and persuasive to you.

    This is why deadlines work: we accept them as a compelling reason.

    One way to tell if your reason is not compelling enough is that you are not writing.

    Avoid phrases like “I have to write because” or “I should write” – these are not compelling.

    Try writing prompts like “I want to write because” or “I have a desire to write because” to digger deeper and really figure out what your compelling reason to write is.

    Keep working on it until it actually inspires you to write, in that moment, then start writing.

  2. Create an idea in your mind where you visualize your future self and how you will feel when you you are complete with your writing.

  3. When you start to write and your brain is telling you all the reasons why you shouldn’t write right now and why you can do it later, repeat your compelling reason why to yourself.

    When your brain keeps chattering about the reasons you shouldn’t write, repeat your compelling reason to yourself,  recommit to your future self and connect with how you will feel when you are complete with your writing.

  4. Keep Writing. Revise your compelling reason as necessary and repeat.

If you want to take these ideas further and learn how to apply them to start making writing easier and faster, your next step is to email me at support@melissaEanders.com for a complimentary discovery call where we will discuss what’s happening for you and  consider whether the work I do is a good fit for you.

Resources: Brooke Castillo’s podcast on Compelling Reason inspired this strategy that has not failed me time and time again.


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