Can you guess what the most frequently asked question from my clients is?

It’s: “Why does writing take so long?

Well, let me tell you a secret.

The reason writing takes so long is because while we are writing we are managing all of the self-doubt, fear and concerns that come up as we move through the writing process.

We may hear these as thoughts in our head like:

“I don’t know where to start.”
“Do I have enough results?
“Will my data make sense to others?”
“Is my data worthwhile?”
“What if I am interpreting my data in the wrong way?”
“How do I know if I am on the right track?”
“How do I know what to include and not to include?”

No wonder writing takes so long. We are managing all these thoughts that are coming up for us at the same time … it makes sense that it might be overwhelming, right?

There are ways to understand and explore these thoughts and feelings that are coming up while we write, in turn making writing easier and taking less time.

If you or anyone you know find yourself being overwhelmed by questions like these, pls email me at for a complimentary Discovery Call where we will discuss what is happening for you and whether it makes sense to move forward together.


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