Being Bored is a Bothersome Block

In academic writing, sometimes our brains may tell us that what we are writing is boring.

When this happens, we often use our willpower to force ourselves to complete the task. Our brain will say things like:  We signed up for this didn’t we? Just get it done! 

That’s one way. 

Another way is to find a compelling reason to do the writing, even though your brain is telling you it’s boring.

I was writing something that I was not finding interesting because I had written something like it many times before.

It occurred to me that there is evidence that there can be peace and joy in completing repetitive, simple tasks. Monks do it, right? 

Maybe this “boring” writing could be like that.

Suddenly, I was able to find the flow in my writing instead of relying on interest to drive it forward. It became a meditative task, like washing dishes or sweeping floors.

This way of thinking about your writing may or may not work for you when you are bored.

But I know for sure that getting creative in the way we approach our writing, generates different thoughts and feelings about it thereby creating the energy that we desire to stay in process with our writing.  

If you find you are just plain bored when you are writing and you would like to find more ways to make it a joyful process for you, I invite you to connect with me at for a complimentary Discovery Call where we can talk about what’s happening for you now and whether the work I do can help you.

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