Being Human And Writing

There is so much that is happening inside our minds when we sit down to write.  

The ideas and questions that come up around our ideas – “there’s so many; which one should I follow?” often creating overwhelm. 

The doubts of “who am I to say this?” 

The fears of criticism: “what if they don’t like it?”

These can lead to a fear of putting ourselves out there and feeling stuck. 

This is human.

And yet, there is a desire to create words on the page.

There is also the sensation of courage that wells up in us as we begin and begin and begin again.

This, is being a human who is in process with writing.

If you are struggling with staying in process with writing because of your fears, doubts and concerns that come up (as they do for all of us!), I invite you to email me for a Discovery Call at where we will learn more about what’s happening for you and whether the work that I do is a good fit for you.

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