Why is it so hard to let go of our ideas?

You have so many good ideas.

You have spent a lot of time generating and capturing your ideas, investing your time into exploring your ideas and suddenly you have something to write about.

You begin by writing them all down and expanding on them all in your drafts.

This starts to get overwhelming.

Now you have not only spent a lot of time generating the data and ideas, you have also invested time into writing and expanding all of your ideas.

This combination of events results in it being really hard to let go of your ideas. It really makes sense actually. No wonder we become so attached to our ideas.

We like them.

We have nurtured them.

We have committed our time and energy to them.

And, no wonder this can really keep us stuck. It may even feel like you are in a loop because you are probably generating lots and lots of ideas so as the keep growing it becomes harder and harder to let go of them.

But there’s something inside you saying: “I am not sure this is going anywhere”, “I don’t think it really fits here.” “It may be time to let go of this idea.”

But who will care for it, nurture it, commit to it? This is a bit scary to let go of them.

Letting go doesn’t mean you put it in the garbage, you just find a better fit for it somewhere else or at another time. Find another place for it to grow and be nurtured.

Learning why it’s hard to let go of our ideas can help to make it easier to place them elsewhere, create more time for the ideas you are working with right now and maintain momentum in sharing your contributions with the world

If you are finding it hard to let go of your ideas and make writing easier, I invite you to connect with me via support@melissaEanders.com for a complimentary Discovery Call where you can share what is happening for you and we can see if the work that I do may serve you.


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