Stillness reveals what’s between you and your writing

When we sit down to write it may be the first time in a long time that we have slowed down our bodies and stopped moving.

What happens when we get still? Have you noticed it?

All of our thoughts start coming up.

And, it’s not just the thoughts that may be serving us about our writing, but also all of our questions, doubts and concerns about what we are writing, why and who is going to care. 

Most of the time we are avoiding our thoughts and feelings by staying in motion. We are resisting them or distracting ourselves from them with consumption (tv, news, podcasts, scrolling social media, reading) or checking off our to do list or whatever our favourite distraction may be.

When we sit down to write the inherent stillness makes the thoughts and feelings suddenly unavoidable. It is these thoughts that create a filter through which we are trying to communicate. The more questions, doubts and concerns we have the higher the stringency of the filter; the flow of your writing cannot move through it to the page.

This filter can make writing feel hard and lead to avoiding and procrastinating around writing. Becoming aware of this filter is the first step in diminishing it and making writing easier. We all have this part of us that is waiting for stillness to emerge.

If you have noticed your questions, doubts and concerns come up as you sit in the stillness of writing, I invite you to connect with me for a complimentary Discovery Call at where we will learn more about what’s happening for you and whether the work that I do would be supportive to you to make writing easier.

Looking forward to connecting!


3 thoughts on “Stillness reveals what’s between you and your writing

  1. The filter can make writing *feel* hard – yes! Operative word here being “feel” as we make it harder than it needs to be by succumbing to the chatter. We need to move beyond that feeling and filter out the junk to get to the work. It is, in fact, work but it doesn’t have to be as hard as we make it and when we push through the fear, happy magic often happens. Thanks for the reminder to “get still”!


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