Questioning our Wellspring of Ideas

When I shared that I have a blog that I write for weekly with a colleague who had considered blogging herself she asked: but aren’t you afraid you are going to run out of ideas?

This is a good question. It reminded me that I had this same fear when I started blogging…again…last July. I even tried to quell this fear with with the idea that I needed to have at least 5 blogs written before I started to publish them.

With some self-reflection, I can see that it was a very useful fear that I had repeatedly used to keep me from sharing the ideas that I have because I didn’t want to risk putting myself out “there”.

And it was also enveloped in another fear that questioned whether I really had anything to offer, giving me permission to continue hiding. Hiding is very human of us but not really necessary for our survival, in most cases, as it once was.  

Now, that I have been putting my ideas out each week for 8 months, I have created evidence for myself that I can come up with ideas each week. By putting sharing into practise, we can create evidence that helps support new beliefs around our work and our contributions. I have seen my readership grow internationally and also received feedback from readers about how what I have written resonates for them.

And so, perhaps more importantly, this practise of sharing has provided evidence that our ideas matter in the world and no matter how small we may feel like we are, we are not when reach out and connect with another human being. We can create evidence for how our work can create change in the world with these small steps.

I am so grateful for all of my readers and clients who consistently show me how we are capable of creating change in our lives and the lives of others by connecting with our deepest selves and choosing to have compassion for our fears instead of hiding from them.  

Interestingly, I have not had a week without an idea to write about yet. I capture all of my ideas as they come in an app on my phone and then turn to them for inspiration for each blog post.

If you are questioning whether to share your ideas and it is holding you back from writing, I invite you to connect with me and ask for a complimentary Discovery Call so that we can understand more about what’s happening for you and see if the work I do is a good fit for you.


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