Get Started Writing with More Ease

Have you ever wondered why it seems like you need a lot of time to get into the groove of writing?

You are not alone. I have often heard researchers say that it takes at least an hour or more to “get into” the mood for writing.

This is part of why it feels like it takes so long to write and why we feel like we need 2-3 hour blocks of time to make writing productive. It’s the start up time that can be a part of this process. They feel like they need to clear anything urgent off their desk before they can focus on writing. Just one last email or complete the most urgent to dos. Or, the sudden and unfamiliar desire emerges to clean their desk. Until then, their minds are unable to focus or concentrate. 

What is it about writing that we tend to do all of these other things before we can focus on it? Why can’t we just focus on our writing when we have a few minutes to write? How can we drop into the zone more easily?

What I find supportive to myself and my clients is to consistently support yourself so that you can have a clear mind before entering your writing zone. The following are some practical pro-active steps that I have seen to be supportive for myself and my clients:

  1. Practise consistently connecting with your thoughts and feelings daily so that they are not just coming up for the first time when you sit in the stillness of writing.
  2. Do a “free write” before you start writing to write down everything that’s coming up in your mind and to especially connect with all of the fears, doubts and concerns that are coming up for you in the moment and set an intention for your writing.
  3. Actively manage your “to dos” and schedule so that you can trust that you will complete tasks in the time that you have created for them and allow for a clear mind and inner space for your writing to flow.

If you find it takes a long time to get started writing or you would like to write within shorter blocks of time, I would invite you to connect with me for a complimentary Discovery Call by emailing me at In this call we will learn more about what’s happening for you and whether it makes sense to take the next step together or not.

Looking forward to connecting!


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