Even the hummingbird rests

Perched on a lattice is a tiny bird. It’s familiar but there’s something missing that I can’t quite place, until I do. It’s the hum. 

For some reason it’s strange watching this symbol of high energy pause for a few moments. I don’t remember ever seeing a hummingbird that was not in motion before. 

It makes me realize that sometimes we are moving so often and that we do not take the time to stop and rest. When we don’t rest, we often do not create our best work.

Does it feel better to be doing something than to be resting? Does it feel like like you “should” be doing something? It might be worth asking yourself why is that?

We need to take action to create what we want in our lives. We also need to rest. It’s not necessarily a balance between the two but in creating the time for both in a conscious way that I see as being most supportive for myself and my clients. In this way we can both create our contributions and support ourselves to do our best work.

If you see yourself working to exhaustion without taking rest and you are ready to do something differently, I would like to invite you to email me at support@melissaeanders.com for a complimentary discovery call so that we can learn more about what’s happening for you and how the work that I do may be a good fit for you. 



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