An Unopened Gift of Pens

Before one of my workshops, I had this feeling that I needed pens. I created time to go and get them and ensure that I would be ready to provide a pen if anyone asked.   

On one hand, of course it’s important to be prepared. However, I sort of questioned how important this really was and wondered what else might be going on here. 

Through my consistent connection with myself and what’s coming up for me, I realized that there was a desire to have something that I could control and feel better about, when actually I was feeling nervous, scared and vulnerable about trying something new in the workshop. 

I noticed these feelings were coming up and I coached myself around feeling uncertain about sharing my knowledge and experience in a new way with this group. 

What I found was that I wanted to trust myself and others that they would be open to doing something differently and that they would receive exactly what the needed from it. This allowed me to bring a different energy to the group. A confidence that what I had to give was valuable and also that they would receive what they needed from it. 

There are times when we are not processing our feelings and they get channelled into actions that create a result that makes us feel better (I am prepared with pens! It’s going to be ok!) versus really connecting with what is making us vulnerable in a situation and allowing us to show up with more confidence and clarity in our lives and work. 

The bag of pens has not been opened but they were a gift to me. 

If you are feeling scattered or in a space of nervous, frantic or grasping energy looking for something that you can control, I would like to invite you to email me at to schedule your complimentary Discovery call so that we can learn more about what’s happening for you and whether the work that I do would be a good fit for you. 



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