Is your Writing Block a Hidden Treasure?

My clients have some reason that they find writing hard. 

Maybe it’s hard because you would rather be crunching data or running experiments…

Maybe it’s hard because of what you are making it mean…

Maybe it’s hard because of the questions that come up for you when you write…

As a result of writing feeling hard, you might avoid it or eventually you might push through it. 

The flags here that we are avoiding it and doing what is easier may look like one or more of the following:

  • over-immersing yourself in learning or experiments 
  • being busy with whatever you “have to” do
  • being busy with doing for others
  • making many, many lists
  • over-checking emails

We feel like these will make us feel better (If we can just get SOMETHING done, we will feel better, right?) 

Then, when we stop and look up from these actions, let’s ask ourselves – do we actually feel better? 

The writing is still there, waiting for us. 

Or, we might push through and do the writing and “force” ourselves to get it done (hint: this is why hard deadlines work) and then we put ourselves under high physical stress, work to exhaustion and crash and finally give ourselves permission to rest. Sure, we can all do this for short periods but we see what happens when we are in this state more often than not.

You may be starting to ask – but everyone around me does it this way, is there actually another way? 


Write down the answers to these two questions:

  1. Why is this so hard for me to sit down and write?
  2. What are the thoughts and feelings that come up for me when I sit down to write? 

Whatever is coming up for you when you sit down to write is an offering. By avoiding writing, you are avoiding this part of you. It is a part of you that wants to be seen that you are ignoring. When you start to consciously give it some attention, sitting down to write will get easier.

It is a hidden treasure to receive.

I see it happen again and again for my clients who are ready and committed to create change for themselves.

If this is you and you are stuck in a pattern of working to exhaustion or procrastinating about writing and you are ready to commit to the process of change, your next step is to email me for a Discovery Call where we will connect about what’s happening for you and whether the work I do is a good fit for you. 



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