How do you give yourself permission to rest?

When we are well-rested and writing we are our most energetic, enthusiastic, creative and resourceful selves. 

If we are not writing, we are resting from writing. 

In the extremes of rest we can either be exhausted and feel like “we deserve” a break or we are procrastinating and avoiding doing the work that we know will create more of what we want. 

The question becomes how do we avoid the extremes and consistently incorporate rest so that we can maintain our energy and be aligned with our most creative and productive selves. 

In the academic world, there are several ways that I see that we give ourselves permission to “take a break”. I often see a cycle of working to exhaustion and then giving ourselves permission to take a break and relax for a while. Or, it’s possible that travel can be a way to give ourselves permission to not be working so hard. Or, eventually, we get sick, which is basically our body giving us permission to take a break by putting a stop to any more activity. 

The question that I see as being the most powerful here is – why do we need to find a way to give ourselves permission to rest? Why can’t we take rest consistently so that we can maintain our energy and show up as our most creative and connected selves more consistently. 

For myself and my clients we are very good at working hard to achieve our goals. We are very comfortable with working hard. However, it actually takes some effort and moving through discomfort to give ourselves permission to rest before we are exhausted, travelling or sick. 

Intellectually, we know this makes sense to take more rest, right? And yet, putting it into practise can be challenging without accountability and support. 

Are you working to exhaustion and then needing days to recover? Do you find yourself only resting when you are travelling? Do you only take a break when you are sick?

If this is a pattern for you and you are ready to commit to receiving powerful support, then your next step is to email me for your complimentary Discovery Call. This call is a one-on-one, powerful, private coaching conversation with me, where we will explore what’s happening for you and whether the work I do with my clients is a good fit for you or not. 


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