The Surprising Reason You Avoid Writing

I had a researcher share his “yay” with me this week that he would not be writing grants this fall. They were celebrating that they finally have a break from writing.

Why is writing such a perpetual slog for researchers and why do researchers avoid it so much?

Researchers seem to feel like writing takes them away from the “real work” of research: interacting with their graduate students and post docs, learning about the data that is being generated, generating new ideas and creating next steps to go forward with research projects.

On the other hand, researchers also know that publishing their work and writing grants to garner funding are two of their main functions once they have their position.

So even though researchers know that publishing and grant funding are required to do more research, it is still something that they avoid.

Why is that?

I am going to tell you something very important here. The real reason that we avoid writing is because we are avoiding the thought that comes up for us in the space between not writing and starting to write.

What do you think about just before you start to write?

It’s sometimes a challenge to pinpoint because it can happen in a split second.

It is the thought, in the space between not writing and starting to write, that is creating a feeling that you are avoiding. It’s the feeling that’s coming up for you that you are avoiding, not the actual writing. Does this feeling make you want to write or not want to write?

This feeling is your resistance. This feeling is what’s holding you back. This feeling is why you are not writing.

The good news is that thoughts are optional!

However, you may be seeing how it’s not so easy to just change your thoughts. This is because we have deep patterning associated with our thoughts and our brain likes to use the ones that are most familiar.

If you are starting to get a sense of uncovering the thought that you might be avoiding and you would like to explore this further, please email me for a complimentary Discovery Call a where we will begin to take a look at what’s happening for you and see whether the work that I do is a good fit for you.


Resources – eternally grateful to my virtual mentor Brooke Castillo ( for teaching me how when I am supposed to be writing and instead reach for a cup of tea, it is the thought just before I go to get the tea that I am avoiding and need to take a look at … this is the way to creating more of what we want. Thank you Brooke.

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