Access to Joy

This week I had a breakthrough in bringing joy into tasks that had lost their creative edge. I felt completely connected with my strengths as a highly sensitive person – my intuition, creativity and ability to connect while writing. I had always thought I needed to concentrate so I had not brought music (with words) into my process before. This was an inspired action from my training experience.

However, it was not representative of a quick fix of turning on some tunes and feeling better. It was deeper than that. This physical release was awesome and representative of breaking through a pattern for me that work has to be hard.

Just like my clients I am using practical tools to work through what is coming up for me and what wants to be transformed. It is so fun to celebrate what happens in the outer world when we do the inner work and I did so today with my coach.

It feels important to have a witness. For someone else to acknowledge and see what is happening for you feels incredible and can actually time to adjust to receiving. It’s different when we have this witness to the transformation we are creating in our lives. We see it more clearly. And, especially if the change is something that you might not yet feel comfortable expressing to family or friends. Often times our struggle is accompanied with shame even though we have a desire to change. With the support of my coach, we bring both the struggles and the celebrations into the light.

If you are ready and committed to do the inner work to create an outer change in your relationship with writing, time or self to create more peace, ease and joy in your life, please connect with me for your complimentary Discovery Call where we will take a look at what’s happening for you and see if the work that I do with my clients is a good fit for you or not.



ps – my amazing coach is Jennfer L. Sherwood.

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