How Facts can Help Manage Fear

Some of the most powerful questions I can ask myself and my clients are:

Has any of what you are sharing here actually happened yet? 

How much of this is happening in your thoughts alone vs. the facts? 

Has that reviewer/supervisor/colleague actually said that? 

Do you know for sure that you are not “good” at writing? Has anyone ever told you that recently? 

Sometimes we don’t even realize that we are not looking at the facts. 

Sometimes we are seeing the facts through a particular lens that is not serving us. 

Sometimes we may be filing in the blanks of what might be happening to try and “figure it out”. 

Sometimes we try to anticipate what might happen so that we can avoid any potential negative outcome or response. 

By asking ourselves these questions and teasing out the facts, we can begin to see what is actually happening and gain clarity about how to keep taking small steps to move forward. 

What are the facts about the situation that’s frustrating right now? Do you find it helpful to write those down and take a look at them? Does it help to quell the fear that might be holding you back? 

If you are someone you know sees the benefit of receiving support to see the facts of a situation, you may be ready to receive your powerful complimentary discovery call by emailing me at



Melissa E Anders, MSc

Writing and Life Coach for Academics

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