Loving your Writing Time

Most of my clients connect with me because they have been procrastinating about writing because it makes them feel anxious.

Interestingly, one of the shifts that they often experience through our work together is in their relationship with time.

Understanding what we want to create and aligning our time with what we want (vs. what others may need or expect from us) may be something that is new or unfamiliar to us. Your writing provides you with an opportunity to practise.

The first step is to understand what you want and your priorities. This can be challenging and unfamiliar to really take a look at what we want and why. 

Then, we take those priorities and connect them with your time. My favourite definition of love is to pay attention. This is exactly what you are doing when you align your time with what you want to create. You are creating time to pay attention to it. 

From here, as we start to make different choices based on what we want for our time, we realize that we may need to say no sometimes in order to stay focussed on keeping our time connected with our priorities. There are times we can be flexible and times when we want to stay committed. This can be challenging as we learn to set boundaries; however, we learn that it’s ok for others to ask of us and it’s ok for us to say no and vice versa. 

And, when we stay with it, we begin to see that creating time for what we want and committing to it, creates more of what we want. And maybe, if you can do it for your writing, maybe you can do it elsewhere in your life too. Seems simple, right? And yet, it can be a challenge to stay with it. 

If you are struggling with aligning your time with your writing goals, please email me at support@melissaeanders.com to ask about your complimentary Discovery Call where we will connect around what’s happening for you and the work that I do and whether it makes sense to take a next step together or not. 


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