Procrastination Saturation

In this season of “things to do” and “places to be” we can easily lose our
sense of what we truly want.

I almost gave myself permission to not write my post this week. 

This season is a field of reasons to not be writing and it’s easy to reach procrastination saturation: the point at which you have so much to do that it becomes easy to not do the thing that you know you truly want to do. In some ways it’s almost liberating as what we want is often met with our greatest resistance. Telling ourselves, I have all these other things to do, it becomes easier to give ourselves permission not to write.  

A part of us feels like if we complete a “to do” we will feel better and then not feel so bad about not writing. But there’s always something else to do so we continue to feel bad that we don’t have everything done. And, we still have a tendency to beat ourselves up about not writing, so we end up still feeling bad even if we thought getting a few things done would make us feel better. 

Hmmm. So, either way, whether we are writing or we are ticking something off our list, we are feeling bad. Interesting. 

So then, if either way we are feeling bad, the question becomes, what do we truly want and what action can we take to create that for ourselves?

I encourage you to do some pen to paper journaling to connect in around what you want and take one step that feels do-able for you from there. 

Are you always finding something else to do other than write? Feeling like you have to always push yourself through the process when you do? Are you interested in learning about another way? I invite you to connect with me at for your complimentary Discovery call where we will look at what’s happening for you and see if the work that I do make sense for you or not. 


Ps – My next blog post will be Jan 8.  Enjoy the holidays!

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