Cultivating High Energy for Your Writing

This week I noticed I was feeling a bit ho-hum about a particular writing task. I knew didn’t want to feel bored, annoyed, suffocated, which was how I was feeling. And, what I really wanted was to have fun, enjoy my strengths of language and creativity, to feel free, breathing and alive while completing this task. 

Then there was the part of me that shows up to stop me in my tracks saying – “That’s Not Possible! It’s not possible to have fun doing THIS. It should be serious, hard, boring.”

The fundamental question here as this thought arises: Is that true? Can I know for sure that’s true (see Byron Katie’s the work). The answer: No.

So I asked myself–the self that wants to have fun, enjoy my strengths of language and creativity, to feel free, breathing and alive while completing this task–how could I shift the energy that I am bringing to this task? 

The answer came through straight as an arrow: Dolly Parton. 

Of course, a part of me questioned. “Really, Dolly Parton? How could listening to Dolly Parton help with this serious business? That’s just going to distract you. You are not going to get anything done.”

And, to this I answered – It’s how Dolly Parton makes me feel. I feel alive, free and exhilarated when I hear her music. I open up. Bringing this energy to the writing is what I wanted to experiment with and so I did. 

As I danced away in my seat, I was able to bring my strength of language, creativity to something that initially felt boring and mundane. 

I got to a point where I had enough written that I needed to go through with a bit more seriousness and see where I was at, but that shift in energy truly supported the work and what I created and in the end created time for me. 

So my question for you is – How does your writing make you feel? And therefore, what energy are you bringing to your writing? 

Does it feel serious? Boring? Mundane? Overwhelming? Dreadful? Confusing? Scattered? 

Is it possible that it could feel a bit more Exciting? Envigorating? Vibrant? Alive? Flowing? Aligned? 

My coaching recommendation for you is to experiment with this for yourself. 

Ask yourself – how could I bring the energy that I want to feel to this task? Who/What is your Dolly Parton? Maybe it’s stretching, maybe it’s going outside for a walk first, maybe it’s talking to a colleague for a few minutes. 

This is a small outer energetical tweak that may just change your writing experience, if you are willing to experiment with it and create evidence for yourself.

If you have have voices, like “that’s just not possible too”. Listen to them, and let them show you the way; gently let them know that you will not be held back. 

If you or someone you know is dreading their writing and wants to bring more confidence, ease and joy to their relationship with writing, please connect with me at for your complimentary Discovery Call where we will take a look at what’s happening for you and whether the work that I do would be supportive to you. 


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