Warning! If You Stop Working to Exhaustion You May Become More Productive

The other night my intention was to work until 9 and then take some time to myself. I wasn’t done everything that I wanted to get done and I was questioning whether I should push through or let go of what I wanted to get done and stay with my intention of my bedtime meditation, rest and wind down i.e. taking care of myself. I took a deep breath and recognized my pattern of feeling like, no matter what I have actually accomplished, what I have completed is not enough. 

I glanced at the battery charge on my computer: 32%. 

Suddenly, as if deciding it for me, my computer shut down on me.

Huh. This offered a pause to me.

In days gone by I would have plugged in my computer. Waited for it to charge a little and kept going. 

However, in this pause, I was reminded that I am making different choices now. I am no longer working until exhaustion. And, I decided to let it go for the night. It would be ok if I left those tasks incomplete and leave them for tomorrow. What was most important was to take care of myself, connect in with myself through mediation and wind down with my honey in bed for a bit before reading and letting go of the day with gratitude. Huh. How about that. 

And you know what, it WAS ok. No one is telling me that I am doing anything wrong but me. 

Of course there are times when I catch myself and I take a look at what’s going on. However, what I am coming to realize is that it’s actually more important to take care of myself and honour my energy and that this supports me to be my best self.  I am actually MORE productive over the long term when I am taking care of myself in this way.

It’s challenging to take pause (without the help of our computer shutting down!) to see these patterns in ourselves unless we are consistently doing the inner work. And, in my experience, when the resistance shows up (and it will if we are doing anything new or changing) it can be challenging to do the inner work without accountability and support. We get stuck in the old ways and continue in the cycle of being sick, recovering and then pushing hard through the work again as it arises. This is the power of the supportive container of coaching. 

So many of my clients are in process with this and we are all alongside each other. We are committed to have self compassion with ourselves as we are learning that it is not the doing that makes us valuable or worthwhile and that just being is enough. If believing this feels very far away for you, you are in the right place. My programs offer many practical tools to support you in feeling better about what you are accomplishing aligned with what you want for yourself with self-compassion. 

If you are experiencing the pain of working to exhaustion around deadlines and then having to take time to recover and would like to move towards feeling energized about your work and writing and more consistently productive, my invitation to you is to  email me for your complimentary Discovery Call at support@melissaeanders.com. In this call, we will connect around what’s happening for you and see if the work that I do is a good fit for you or not. 

And, if you send me an email with “Warning!” in the subject line to schedule your complimentary Discovery Call, I will give you a copy of my “Make Writing Easier” Workshop with a full script of my talk and as a second BONUS you will receive the “Design Your Own Writing Process” Worksheet. It creates an understanding of the writing process and all of the tips and tricks that might support you to move through the process with more ease and provides a framework to create a writing process that works for you. This copy of the full presentation with script has only previously been shared with my private one-on-one coaching clients. This is my Valentine’s gift to you and this offer is only available in conjunction with scheduling your complimentary Discovery Call and only until midnight EST Feb 14, 2020! 

Do you want to continue to accept these cycles of working to exhaustion and recovering, only to start another day feeling spent, scattered and lost? Or, do you want to start to make different choices to begin a pattern of feeling like what you have accomplished is enough for today and that tomorrow is a new beginning where you can feel refreshed, energized and ready to make your unique contributions to the world. 

Email me at support@melissaeanders.com with “Warning!” in the subject line to schedule your complimentary Discovery Call and I will give you a copy of my “Make Writing Easier” Workshop powerpoint presentation with a full script of my talk and as a second BONUS you will receive the “Design Your Own Writing Process” Worksheet.

The ease and peace that you desire is a step by step process and this, my friend, is your next step.



Ps – I invite you to receive this little extra love from me during Valentine’s day week and this offer of receiving my presentation with transcript and design your own writing process worksheet when scheduling your complimentary Discovery Call will be closed by Feb 14, 2020 midnight EST.

Take this small step towards feeling more peace and ease in your relationship with work and writing with no obligation. I am not attached to any particular outcome in our call and my intention in the call is to serve and support you in the highest way and see if we are match for each other or not. Big love to you and happy Valentine’s day!

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