What Are Your Beliefs About Writing?

 Beliefs are thoughts that we think over and over and over again. They are usually based on really old patterns, or programs that we may have in place that benefitted us at some time for some reason.

When our beliefs serve us and support us they are amazing! 

When our beliefs are not serving us, they are limiting us. And, they are pointing us to the beliefs that would serve us better.

I’ve heard my mentor Tony Robbins calls these programs highways and so they are more easily accessed and travelled and returned to for use. Our brain loves to be efficient and automatic and it really requires effort to create transformation, especially for these highways. Establishing new beliefs can be like making a dirt road in our minds that feel harder to turn to and use. Our brain asks – why would we take a dirt road when we have this highway here?

The first step is recognizing that it’s possible that we might have limiting beliefs.

The top 11 limiting beliefs that are revealed through writing are:  

  1. Writing is hard. 
  2. My writing never feels good enough to share. 
  3. I always feel like I am behind in my writing.  
  4. Writing is too overwhelming for me.  
  5. I am not ready to share my writing until I feel like it’s perfect. 
  6. When I succeed in my writing others feel bad.
  7. I can only complete writing projects when I am under pressure or feeling anxious. 
  8. I don’t have the expertise to write about this topic. (or, this may show up as Who am I to write about this?) 
  9. I feel like I can never make time for my writing. There’s always something else to do that seems more important. 
  10. I have to have permission to take a next step in my writing. 
  11. I’ll feel better once I have published a paper/finished my thesis/received funding from a grant. 

Do any of these feel true to you? If I asked you if you believe them would you say yes? You are not alone. It also probably explains a lot for you about how you approach your writing and what’s happening for you. Sometimes there’s also a part of us that feels like it’s true and then there’s another part of us that can see that something else is possible. 

The good news is, our beliefs are thoughts and who is in charge of your thoughts? You!

Myself and my clients have shifted or are in process with shifting variations of all of these beliefs and it is changing their lives. This transformation process takes time and dedication and it is so worthwhile, especially if how you are meant to contribute involves writing. These patterns show up for us in writing and in all areas of our lives. Even just beginning to uncover and support the understanding of one with a coach can create life-changing experience.  

If any of these beliefs feel true for you, these are real coaching opportunities that will change your life. Creating this awareness for yourself is the first step. Let’s start to make those dirt roads!

If you are ready to take a next step and explore what’s happening for you with curiosity and a commitment to change your relationship with writing, please email me at support@melissaeanders.com for your complimentary discovery call where we will take a look at what’s happening for you and see whether the work I do is a good fit for you or not. 



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