It’s Time to Write, and Differently

A Time to Write, And Differently

Transcript of 9 minute YouTube Broadcast

By now, you have probably done all of the immediate, emergency required work that was needed to close your offices and research. 

You are beginning to adjust to working from home, having virtual meetings and connecting with colleagues.

And, suddenly, for academics,  it’s time to write. 

The time to write is available and you want to make the most of this exceptional time and yet at same time you are probably feeling like you are easily distracted and cannot focus. 

This makes sense of course. 

I was noticing how suddenly I had a desire to make lots of lists, make schedules, clamping down on my situation, and reading, learning, consuming information, taking care of everyone else and not myself, drinking too much coffee and feeling overstimulated“, having so much coming in and just getting plain overwhelmed and sigh. 

All aspects that I would have told you two weeks ago were behind me and that have transformed for me through my own coaching journey. 

Then, I remembered these are all just flags for me to turn to my tools and to make different choices to create new habits that are more supportive to me. 

And that with greater challenge there is greater opportunity to create sustainable change. 

Many of our leaders have shared that this is a marathon, not a sprint. And yet our minds are craving the quick fixes of feeling better and going into our default habits. These unsupportive habits are not serving us and draining us of our much needed energy. 

This is not a time for quick fixes. 

What’s needed is a longer term, consistent and sustainable approach to developing a mindset that can support you to feel focus, steady and confident in your decisions and contributions. 

This is the work that I do with my clients. 

In connecting with them this week I see how each of them in their own ways have been transforming how they are receiving whatever is happening in the outside world. They have the tools and they are open to the challenges and opportunities and doing the inner and outer work to make the most of creating and contributing in this exceptional time. Their willingness to stay in process and do the work fills me with such gratitude to be a part of their process.  

This time is an opportunity for you too to commit to creating sustainable change for you, your personal growth and make your contributions and to bring more ease, focus and enjoyment to your writing. This is possible for you. 

Whatever is happening for you around your writing, whether it’s analysis paralysis, perfectionism, overwhelm, questioning, circling, procrastination, avoidance, distraction, resistance, feeling guilty, feeling not enough, feeling like an imposter or beating up on yourself, it is time to approach your writing differently.  

It is time for the academic culture to change its relationship with writing from dread to delight. 

We cannot all be writing at home writing indefinitely and not enjoying it. 

It is my mission to not let this happen. I want you to find joy in making your contributions and I know that my coaching program is capable of creating this for you.

I urge you to commit to doing the inner and outer work to create sustainable change for your writing process. 

Please do not continue to approach your writing in this way. 

It is not supportive in a sprint and it is certainly not supportive in a marathon. 

I see you making the most of this exceptional time and making your unique contributions to the world with more ease, confidence and focus. 

It’s your time to write differently and it’s your time to make your unique contributions. 

Please email me at for your one hour complimentary Discovery Call where we will take a look at what’s happening for you and support you with your next steps. 

And, if you know of anyone that would be supported by this message, I ask you to please forward it to them. 

I am confident that we will move through this and emerge with one of the most productive periods of contribution in our history during this time. 

Let’s not only create your contributions with more ease but also release yourself of the “burden” of writing and bring more ease and joy to your process. 

I am so excited to hear from you and support you with next steps. 

Until then,

Bye for now. 

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