How Has COVID19 Tipped Your Need For Balance?

With all that is going on around us, there has been a burst in activity and interest in the well-being for each of us, including within the academic community. 

Feeling stressed, overworked, and out of time is clearly a part of academic culture. Many academics will share when asked that they have uncertainties about their future and challenges with maintaining a work-life balance.  

Add in the COVID 19 experience and we can suddenly see the importance of balance and well-being more clearly. It may have felt like a situation that was already on edge, and COVID was more than what was needed as a tipping point. I have also heard from the community that they now feel pressured to take better care of themselves, adding something else to their list of to dos.

The need to create ways of promoting balance and well-being for the academic community was here before COVID19 and it will be here after COVID19. 

What I am curious about is how will academics choose to do academic life differently as a result of COVID19? How will institutions respond? How might the culture be reinvented to be more supportive and create evidence that it’s possible to feel successful AND be well? 

And more personally, you may consider asking yourself, how will you take the experience of COVID19 and all it has revealed to you forward into the next phase of your life? 

I invite you to take a pen to paper about the answers to these questions for yourself: 

  • As a result of COVID 19, what does taking care of my whole self mean to me? 
  • As a result of COVID19, what have I learned about myself and what I want in my life? 
  • As a result of COVID 19, what am I committed to doing differently?

    I encourage you to share your answers with me or with someone you care about. There is power in having witness to what we want and what we are committing to for ourselves.  

If you are looking to learn how to do academic life differently, there is a different way. You can be successful in ways that are meaningful to you and do what you love. It’s possible. 

I have some more questions for you: 

-Are you ready to commit to aligning their time with what you want and what is important to you? 

-Are you ready to create a meaningful experience for yourself wherever you are on your path in academia? 

-Are you ready to bring more balance and meaning into your life as a whole? 

Then your next step is to email me at and request a quick call for us to connect and I will listen to what’s happening for you and we will see whether the work that I do is a good fit for you and whether it makes sense to take a next step. 

If you are willing to focus your efforts on bringing peace and ease to your experience and do academic life differently, I am looking for you. Please email me at and ask for a quick call to connect.



Ps – if a part of you is saying, sure ease and peace sounds great, but how? Check out the success stories of my clients and let them inspire you to take YOUR next step 🙂 

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