How to Consciously Choose your Summer

Special Celebratory Message
I am so excited to share with you that I am celebrating 2 years of consistently writing my weekly blog and email communications to you! After many stops and starts from 2010- 2018, I moved through my resistance with a renewed commitment in July of 2018 and consistently wrote a blog post each week.

Not only did this process create the abundance of resources freely accessible on my website for you, it also supported me to create and refine my Write with Confidence System that has now supported hundreds of academics through workshops and one-on-one coaching. Yay! 

With this growth and expansion, going forward I will be connecting with you in this way on the first of each month to serve and support you with relevant content that’s supportive to you and changing your relationship with writing, work, time and inner self.

How to Consciously Choose Your Summer Time
There can be a whole set of unconscious patterns that we have around summer time and they are different for each of us. What comes to mind for me are time off, slowing down and letting go of feeling like I have to accomplish something. In the summer, it feels like we need or deserve a break. And, this makes sense of course based on western culture of having years of summer “off” from school and “deserving a break”.

I have felt the tugs of summer this year and every year. These old patterns settling in. What do you find yourself telling yourself about this time of year? What pattens do you have about summertime and how do they influence you?

Of course, none of these – taking time off, slowing down or letting go of outcomes – are unsupportive to us.

It is only when we are unconsciously succumbing to old patterns when they are not supporting us. I encourage you to ask the following questions about your summer time

  • What’s truly supportive to you in the summer?
  • What feels good for you in the summer?
  • How do you want to support a restorative process for you each day and throughout the year?

Based on what you receive from these questions, create a plan consciously for your summer around how you want to create time for restoration and for growth.

And, I invite you to see how this is true all year round 🙂

For me, time off in the summer is definitely about time for myself, family and strawberries.

My daughters at 5 and 2 delighting in the permission of one for me, one for the basket!

It’s also about consciously creating my time off and then practising being completely off during this time. It means creating time that’s just for me and reading a novel that I am excited about. It means being present in my off time activities and moving through worry, doubt and concerns. 

In my off time I am also practising slowing down and letting go.

For me slowing down means capturing ideas without any intention of doing anything with them for now. It means having less of an agenda and following my heart in my interactions and my activities throughout the day. It means being present with time instead of rushing through it.

For me, letting go of outcome means having time where I am giving myself permission to be off and not accomplish anything (even that novel can feel like it’s something to accomplish!) and to practise being in process with an activity wherever I am at with it.

My coach shared with me recently a quote from Anais Nin: “And then the day came when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk to bloom.” 

And, it seems that between the tight bud and the bloom is letting go. Summer is the time for letting go and your time to bloom, consciously.

If you are ready for accelerated growth and transformation and doing academia differently and creating time to restore yourself and receive success, please email me for a quick call to so that I can hear more about what’s happening for you and whether the work I do is a good fit for you or not.

I am so excited for  you and seeing you consciously create a summer that feels good for you and is aligned with what you want!


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