Giving yourself permission to want

It’s ok to want what you want in your life. 

Maybe what you want looks different than what others have chosen.

This can feel hard because it seems like there’s no specific path to follow. 

As someone who did well in school, it can feel so much easier to stay on the academic path because even though there are challenges, the path is there.

I think that the truth is what’s hardest is to not do what you truly want. 

There will always be that tug in a different direction that weighs on you and feels heavy if you are not going after what you truly want.

When I shared that I quit my PhD, the most common response was:  “You can do that?”

Others around me were not doing it. It made it seem impossible.

I honestly didn’t really know it at the time but it takes courage to do something different.

When there’s no clear path for what you want, you become the one that’s responsible for creating it.

This is leading. Leading in your own life.

That’s where a coach with no agenda and says the hard things, can help to simplify and make it easier.

A coach doesn’t tell you what to do or give advice. 

A coach helps you to create awareness and make powerful decisions to create what you want.

My response to – You can do that? 
xoon became: Yes, I can.

And so can you, whatever it is that you are meant to do differently. 

Is it that you want to
>Stop working evenings and weekends AND create success
>Spend more quality time with your family and friends where you truly feel PRESENT (and not in your head about work)
>Stop being stressed out
>Enjoy writing and create time for it on purpose 
>Create your path based on what you truly want 

Even if these don’t seem possible right now.

Doesn’t that make sense because you haven’t created it yet and you don’t see others doing it.

What I do know is that it starts with creating clarity about what you want, identifying obstacles, creating a plan to remove the obstacles and taking action step by step.

And, I believe that you know way more about what you want and how to create it than you think you know right now.

This is exactly what we do together in a free, one-hour consult call with me.

Email me at to schedule your one-on-one coaching consult call with me today.

It will cut through any overwhelm, confusion or anxiety about how to go forward.

And, if you want to work together to move forward with creating what you want, we can.

I use this process for myself every day on purpose to create clarity, remove obstacles and keep taking next steps to create more of what I want.

Let go of the weight of questioning whether what you want is ok.

What if you started believing today that what you want IS your pathway forward, the clues to follow for what’s next for you?

How would you show up differently today?