The New Year Brings a Feeling of Change

There’s lots of options:
I can ignore it. 
I can move through it.  
I can ride it.

What are other options that you’ve tried?

For me, listening to the whispers of change in my life means creating more of what I want faster and easier.

When my inner critic or mental reel is negative, it can be challenging to hear these whispers.

It can be a place to start.

What part of me is feeling negative right now, why?

Listening to it.

At first I might judge myself for it, thinking “I shouldn’t feel this way or that.”

Nevertheless, I do. This part of me feels negative.

Then I ask, why?

From there I can understand it.

Bring compassion and acceptance to it.

I finde when I create this awareness and accept it, the negative emotion loses it’s power.

It doesn’t drive anymore.

I can let it sit in the car with me, in the passenger seat, and not act from it. 

Now, what? Who is driving?

The part that’s whispering. It’s getting louder.

It’s saying things like – You can do this. You are ok. You are safe.

You can have what you want. 

When I ask this part of me – what do I truly want? What do I want today?

I listen and I try doing it.

When I first started doing this work, some of the things were
>Time to myself
>Read a novel 
>Do nothing
>Have a tea 
>Reach out to a friend

This part of me, wanted to take care of me.

I started to feel better and I started to want more, different things.

It’s changing. It continues to evolve. I am curious what this time of change will bring and I am setting goals to create.

What comes up for you this time of year?

What do you want to change?

Can you hear it?

Are you willing to listen?