Is perfecting underneath your overworking?

As academic achievers, there was a way to create 100% in school.

Wherever you are now, really ask yourself, is there a way to “get” 100% – in your position, job, at home, in your relationships?

The pursuit of perfect will be exhausting, just by it’s inherent nature.

What do you think will happen if it’s not perfect? not 100%?

For me, perfecting became a signal that I was afraid of something.

Ask what I am afraid of?

Meet yourself, and love yourself a bit more every time you let go of perfection.

I love this image from Susan David, Ph.D. below.

This is exactly how I feel when I bring my mess to coaching calls to create progress.

Jiggly pieces that are not formulated in any particular way yet, not even spelling anything that makes sense yet.

I used to try to have it figured out before I raised my hand.

Now I bring the mess and ask for help to create PROGRESS, instead of waiting until I have it all figured out.

You can too.