When things get hard do you tell yourself: “As long as I do my best, it will be ok.”

This sounds like a positive thing to tell yourself – very reassuring and comforting.

But, when you think this maybe you end up preparing for every little thing that might possibly go wrong and maybe you end up doing way more than what’s needed, even for high quality work, to make sure you have done your best.

When you tell yourself, as long as I “do my best”, when something inevitably goes wrong or is criticized, you don’t beat yourself up about it. Because, hey, I did my best.

If you are an academic achiever, doing your best may have served you in school, but it may be exhausting you unnecessarily now.

I’m not saying to not do quality work.

I am saying to do work intentionally.

Don’t do your best all over everything, because it’s your default.

Instead, decide how you want to think about your work and intentionally decide what level of work you do on what.

This might mean B- sometimes 😉

And, learn how to not beat yourself when something (inevitably) goes wrong or you make a mistake.

This is how you do quality work while taking care of yourself and results in not depleting your energy unnecessarily.

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