Do you tell yourself “I just can’t wait for this [deadline, day, week, project] to be over.”

As an academic achiever, this thought got me through a lot of assignments and exams.

When I started working, I started to notice it translated into wishing time away.

I can’t tell you how many times I said to myself: when I finish this grant it will be better; when I finish this project, it will be better.

My stomach sinks just thinking these thoughts.

It’s so sneaky because it seems comforting.

But that future never comes.

We are only ever present.

It leads to living in a goal-less future, which doesn’t exist.

We never feel like we are enjoying where we actually are.

We check all the boxes but we’re not really there.

Everything feels like it’s taking longer.

We overwork to get it done.

When we can’t wait for the goal to be over, this is a clue that we aren’t enjoying the process.  

We can shift our mindset and learn how to enjoy the process of achieving the goal.

We do this by learning how to process negative emotions so they feel less scary.

We can learn how how to create a sense of well-being wherever you are in the process.

When you enjoy the process you won’t overwork because you can’t wait for it to be over.

You’ll overwork because you are enjoying it and you’ll learn how to stop even then.

 I never wish my time away now. I value, cherish and protect it.

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