Do you tell your self, friends and family – I just don’t know why I am so tired all the time.

When I was overworking, without the awareness of it, I was very confused about why I was so tired all the time.

I was telling myself that I don’t know.

Whenever we tell ourselves that we don’t know, we get stuck.

When we are confused, we make it so there’s no way forward.

I was accepting confusion as truth.

Confusion is a state or a feeling, not a fact.

And, when we are confused, we often stop.

What shifted this for me was to answer my brain.*

Whenever my brain says – I don’t know …, now I say,

Well if we did know, what might the answer be?

Then we have a place to start.

So if you are telling yourself – I don’t know why I am so exhausted.

Answer the question for yourself:

why ARE you so exhausted?

What might the answer be?

Sit with your answer for a few minutes and really acknowledge and accept where you are at with it.

I remember the day I wrote down the answer to this question.

I wrote down all the tasks and responsibilities that I was taking on at home and at work.

It was a long list.

I laughed. No wonder I was so tired.

Suddenly, I had an answer. 

There was movement.

I could choose something different.

I started cutting things off the list that were less important to me,

taking more responsibility for what was most important to me

and asking for help for what I saw needed doing but was was willing to let go of the way it was done.

So, answer your brain.

Why are you so tired?

It’s going to look different for you. Write it down. Really answer it.

Tell me your answer in the DMs or in the comments.

This confusion about why you are tired could be contributing to why you are overworking.

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