Do you want to stop working on evenings and weekends?

Intellectually, we know when our cup is not full, work takes longer.

When we haven’t rested, we are tired.

We don’t show up as our best selves.

We lack creativity.

It’s hard to make decisions quickly and solve problems easily.

Yet, we tell ourselves that we won’t be able to achieve what we want if we take time off.

My clients and I are creating evidence that when you take time off you are more creative, productive, solve problems more easily and quickly and showing up in the ways that we want to more.

So, create some evidence for yourself on this for you by gathering data too.

Look at your last week – what did you create?

Then, just for one evening or weekend try not working and see what happens tomorrow/on Monday.

What did you create? How productive were you?

This is the work.

Do you want to stop working evenings and weekends?

Not working is simple. It’s applying it that’s hard.

Book a one-hour consult with me and we will talk about how we can get your evenings and weekends back, and you can feel more productive and creative, and ready to give again on mornings and Mondays.