Getting Stuck Ahead of Time

My colleague and I take the train together every day and about a month ago she noticed something kind of unusual about what happens when I am packing up to go. She had been watching me stuff my laptop, files and lunch bag into my backpack and squeezing the zipper up each day, she asked … Continue reading Getting Stuck Ahead of Time

Even the Smallest Intentions Blossom into Meaning

Early in the morning I make notes for my daughters and husband before I leave the house in silent steps while they are sleeping. One day I left Maggie and Alice notes that I would think of them during the day whenever I saw a certain colour:  yellow for Maggie (her favourite) and orange for Alice … Continue reading Even the Smallest Intentions Blossom into Meaning

Two Sides of Writing

When I tell other scientists that writing my Master of Science thesis was what I loved most about my Masters experience, they look at me like I am crazy. "Really?!", they say "Most scientists would rather be in the lab."  For me, I had created a writing haven. I was in a 2 room attic … Continue reading Two Sides of Writing

Completing Our Commitments to Ourselves

Why is it that we work so hard for others and not for ourselves? When there’s an expectation of completing a task or a project for someone else it is easier to push ourselves to get something done and we are way more likely to work hard to complete it. When someone is depending on … Continue reading Completing Our Commitments to Ourselves

A Dinghy Ride Gives a Lesson

As we are coming into the harbour in our 34 foot sailboat, with 4 adults and 3 kids aboard, my husband suggests that I take the dinghy ahead of the sailboat to the dock. The dinghy--named Dongseo--is our small, outboard motor boat. It trails behind the sailboat attached to a long line and we use … Continue reading A Dinghy Ride Gives a Lesson

The Writing Relationship

It can be a real challenge to get into the flow of writing. You have some ideas that you want to express but you are not sure where to start and you end up just staring at the blank page.  Over the years I have experimented with many ways of improving getting into the flow … Continue reading The Writing Relationship

Finding the Pause Before you React

Why are there certain situations or comments that just get to us and we cannot help but react? I have been looking for ways to find a pause before reacting and choose a different way of responding for many years. In some situations taking pause has been easier to attain but, as maybe you have … Continue reading Finding the Pause Before you React

Distractions May be Flags for Avoidance

Noticing when you get distracted can be a powerful tool for identifying when you are avoiding something. And when you can start noticing what you are avoiding, and you learn how to move through it, I promise that you are doing the work that’s required to grow. Here are some strategies on how to manage and … Continue reading Distractions May be Flags for Avoidance

A Simple Question to Move from Annoying Moments to Life Lessons

Do you find that when something annoying is happening, it often feels like it is happening to us? We say - why is this happening to me? It’s possible that considering what the moment is teaching us, we can realize that these circumstances are happening for us. Let me tell you a story. After being … Continue reading A Simple Question to Move from Annoying Moments to Life Lessons

How My View of Vision Boards Changed

Are you skeptical about vision boards like I was? I just didn’t get it - what’s the point of cutting out a bunch of pictures and pasting them on a board?  Vision boards came back into my view as I was reading Beautiful Money by Leanne Jacobs who recommended creating a vision board. I had … Continue reading How My View of Vision Boards Changed