Melissa E. Anders

Let me ask you these important questions: 

  • Does thinking about your next writing project fill you with stress and anxiety?
  • Do you find yourself confused about where to start?
  • Do you find it hard to make time for writing when there’s no deadline?
  • Does sharing your writing scare you so much that you find it hard to even start?   
  • Do you find all of your ideas or unfinished writing projects overwhelming?
  • When you finally sit down to write, do you have feelings of resistance, distraction or a desire to do something else?

If yes, then the “Write with Confidence” one-on-one coaching programs may be a match for you.

Let me share with you some of the unique qualities of my one-on-one private coaching clients:

  • They are ready to commit to doing the inner work that’s required for sustainable change and to receive powerful coaching, accountability and support.
  • They are open and curious about the process of coaching and about understanding more about themselves so that they may purposefully create more clarity, change and meaning in their lives.
  • They want to feel more certainty and confidence about their decisions and directions, create more joy and ease when sharing their ideas with colleagues in connections and through their writing and create more time to define and focus on what is most meaningful for them.
  • They also see how changing their relationship with writing and sharing their ideas will lead to creating more time to contribute their unique gifts and improve other areas of their lives such as their relationships with others, both personal and collegial, and themselves.

If this is you, I invite you to email me for a complimentary discovery call at

I am curious to hear more about what’s happening with you and to explore whether the work I do makes sense for you.