Melissa E. Anders

Let me ask you these important questions: 

  • Are you tired of procrastinating about writing? 
  • Does writing fill you with feelings of dread, anxiety and stress?
  • Do you find you are often overwhelmed with the writing process?
  • Do you find yourself feeling scattered and confused about where to start? 
  • Even if you complete some of your writing do you feel like it’s never good enough
  • Does it feel like the only way you know how to write is to push yourself, often to exhaustion, and this is just no longer sustainable for you? 

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then the “Write with Confidence” private one-on-one coaching programs may be a match for you.

Let me tell you about some of the unique qualities of my private coaching clients: 

  • They are self-reflective, highly sensitive, committed,  academics that are ready to let go of writing being hard so that they may more easily contribute their unique gifts to their community.
  • They want to feel more clear and confident about their writing and create more ease and joy in the process.
  • They are open and curious about the process of coaching and about understanding more about themselves so that they may purposefully create more clarity, confidence around their writing and result in making their unique contributions. 
  • They are tired of tips and tricks not working well for them, they are ready to commit to doing the inner work and outer work necessary for sustainable change, and to receive powerful coaching, accountability and support that’s required for this type of transformation. 
  • They are ready to align and invest their resources – time, energy and money – to create more ease and enjoyment in the writing process. 
  • They are curious and open to a whole-person approach to creating change for themselves in their lives and they are open to changing their relationship with writing, time, others, and themselves.

If this is you I invite you to email me at to learn more about receiving a Complimentary Discovery Call. In this transformative call you will experience powerful coaching where we will explore what’s happening with you and whether the work I do makes sense for you.

I am so excited for the change that is coming for you as you take this next step! Let your curiosity lead you here.


Life Coach for Academics
Specializing in Writing Support