Who is this workshop for? 
Researchers who are struggling with writing manuscripts, grants, research program descriptions for applications, scholarships or thesis.
What is this workshop about? 
Writing can feel hard. We can be overwhelmed by our ideas, unsure where to start, and feel lost at times.
Melissa E Anders has been developing and implementing grants with scientists for more than 15 years and she has a deep curiosity and understanding about human nature and how we can harness our true selves. It is at this intersection that she draws from to support researchers in making writing easier. 
In this workshop you will learn how the writing process works, how to design your own unique writing process and practical ways to begin to clear the obstacles that come up for you so that you can get started, maintain momentum and complete your writing projects.
Feedback from Attendees 
“I definitely avoid writing and your workshop made me realize that it can be easier and fun. I like that I now understand the process more and that I have a place to get started.”
“It made me realize that I need to commit to capturing my ideas as they come up and I have already found this very helpful.”
“It reminded me that it’s important for us to also work on our “soft skills” and that there are lots of ways that we can develop our skills and scope as scientists.”
“I feel like I really understand why I am having challenges with my writing now and I have the tools that can support me.”
Interested in learning more about creating a workshop specific for your audience? 
Please connect with me by email at support@melissaeanders.com and ask for a call to discuss the possibility of a workshop.