Who is this workshop for? 

Researchers who are struggling with writing manuscripts, grants, research program descriptions for applications, scholarships or thesis.

What is this workshop about? 

Researchers tell me that writing is hard. They are overwhelmed by our ideas, unsure where to start, and feel lost at times. Melissa E Anders has been developing and implementing grants with scientists for more than 15 years and she has a deep curiosity and understanding about human nature and how we can harness our true selves. It is at this intersection that she draws from to support researchers in making writing easier. 

In this workshop you will learn how the writing process works, how to design your own unique writing process and practical ways to begin to clear the obstacles that come up for you so that you can get started, maintain momentum and complete your writing projects.

Feedback from Workshop Participants

“I have gained some great tools for beginning the writing process and staying in the flow of writing.

“Clarifying my personal reason to write is something that I have not considered before and I see this as being very encouraging!”

“I now have an understanding of the writing process, where I am getting stuck and how I might start to approach things differently.”

“I see how I am inhibited in my writing because I am afraid that it’s not perfect.”

“I see how there are many steps to the writing process and where I am getting stuck. It is also reassuring to know that I am not alone.” 

“This workshop was really incredible. I see now that I am avoiding sharing my work and need to consider how to move through this part of the writing process.”

“I loved your ideas and tips – they are simple and logical and yet I have not used these approaches before.”

“By breaking down the writing process, I can now see more clearly where my personal bottlenecks are and take some action instead of just feeling like writing is hard – Thank you!”

“Really, almost everything was extraordinarily useful. There are so many takeaways!”

“I have learned ways to overcome writer’s block and a clearer pathway to producing a finished work.”