I was experiencing overwhelming stress that I had not made enough progress toward my thesis publishing goals. I was struggling to create time for writing and was not meeting my writing expectations when I did set time aside.

I am much more confident in my ability to write well. I have learned to be patient with the writing process and really focus during the times I schedule to write. This has helped me write better quality articles faster and with less anxiety.

Through Melissa’s coaching I learned a number of useful strategies for leveraging my capabilities, strengths and weaknesses to move through the writing process.  I learned to make decisions with more conviction, view my project challenges from new angles and understand the value in what I have learned and created already. Melissa’s coaching has really helped bring success to my PhD research.

The coaching program created structure for reflecting on my efforts, knowledge, decisions and learn from them to continually improve myself and my productivity.

Melissa’s skills in uncovering and addressing barriers to my research priorities were an essential part of getting me back on the track to completing my PhD.