Before working with Melissa, I was experiencing chronic anxiety and self-doubt about my ability to finish my PhD. At the time, I was struggling to bounce back after a year and a half of parental/medical leave and, now expecting my second child, I felt a ‘real’ deadline to finish. I was especially struggling with perfectionism, motivation, and momentum because my pre-parenthood writing habits and strategies (long, uninterrupted blocks of time) were no longer available to me.

Melissa’s bi-weekly coaching helped me completely transform my writing habits, my attitude toward work/writing, and my self-confidence. She helped me develop and practise techniques to get into and stay in the ‘flow’ of writing (despite many life distractions!); protect and manage my writing time; enjoy the writing process; and acknowledge all of my lessons and achievements along the way. As a working parent, the most profound change has been achieving a comfortable, low-stress pace of productivity and feeling a sense of more quality time in my personal life.

Melissa designed a coaching program that was tailor-fit to who I was and what I needed. Underpinning everything was her genuine “whole person” approach, where she dedicated time to understanding me as a person and then customized concrete strategies and techniques (writing, time management, self-reflection) to support me. Her exceptionally structured approach, insistence on mutual accountability, and encouraging nature were a perfect trio that ultimately led me to complete my dissertation on time and in a low-stress/high-gratification way.

For me, working through Melissa’s program meant complete transformation – professionally and personally. Her support extends far beyond the domains of writing and work – she truly helped me grow as a person toward greater contentment in the rest of my life.

I am confident that anyone, at any stage of their writing/career, can benefit from Melissa’s support. Investing in her program will truly be a lifelong investment in yourself!