Before coaching with Melissa, I was struggling to support my graduate students, often micro-managing their writing rather than focusing on the science. In my own writing, I was continually seeking perfection rather than working through the writing process.

Since coaching began, I have seen positive improvements in my writing, in my interactions with graduate students, and in the quality of research. I now feel that I have more energy to be present during meetings and have gained confidence in myself and my work.  

The powerful connection with Melissa has supported me tremendously in creating positive change in my professional and personal life. She has provided me with invaluable coaching that has helped me succeed in a new academic leadership role while continuing to support my graduate students to the benefit of everyone involved. The structured coaching program means that I can identify what’s going right, and where attention needs to be paid, on a regular basis.

I find that having dedicated me-time to discuss my writing and my personal and professional interactions is very powerful for me finding balance in my life. Melissa helped me to reflect on my goals and to find my definition of success. As I enter the second-half of life, this has helped me to become more true to myself thus putting me on the right path for great work/life balance.