Before coaching, I was experiencing high anxiety and a lot of resistance to writing. This not only affected my academic productivity, but also had a deeper impact on my sense of well-being overall. 

Now I find writing to be a much more positive experience. I find I am actually energized by the challenge of writing, and I no longer see writing as a barrier to pursuing my career aspirations. 

Melissa helped me overcome the barriers that were keeping me from accomplishing what I am capable of, and establish a consistent writing practice to write my dissertation. She also helped me shift my perspective on writing, and develop specific strategies to continue to support myself to progress towards my academic goals.

The program has been a consistent, supportive, safe space to explore my challenges with writing and find effective strategies to address these challenges. 

Melissa helps clients to find the underlying issues with writing, establish an action plan to effectively address these challenges, and develop an ongoing, positive relationship with writing.