Before coaching with Melissa, I felt like I could never write something I truly wanted to write and actually put it out in the world. Sharing my work with people other than my inner circle felt impossible and nerve-wracking.

I have a totally different perspective and attitude toward writing now since coaching with Melissa. I am more adventurous, truthful, and self-compassionate. Also, I’ve taken steps toward being braver and more truthful in my personal relationships, to mirror my approach to writing.

Melissa’s coaching helped me to see the connection between my fears around writing and the challenges in my personal relationships. I have achieved what felt impossible before: I wrote something and published it online and I have strengthened a personal relationship that had been strained for several years.

The program has been healing for me. It has helped me embrace my truth.

Melissa asks just the right questions at the right time and gently but firmly guides me to realizations and actions that may be challenging but always rewarding.

She approaches me as a whole person and understands that my relationship to writing is  deeply connected to my relationship with myself and with others in my life.