I love my work, all dimensions of it, but I could never fit it into a constant, organized, everyday routine. I have always regarded this as a weakness, something that worked against my productivity, and, for several occasions, tried to push myself to be different, more constant, more respectful for the eating-sleeping-working hours, but it just wasn’t working. The pandemic “confinement” period made me feel lost because the exterior sources of structuring (working with others in an organized environment) were gone, and I was “left alone” with my “disorganization”.

 Melissa guided me through several moments of auto-analysis where we planned small changes in my daily life to try to bring the structure I wanted for my days. At the same time, I started to understand some phrases that Melissa used to say often, such as “It is OK, there is nothing wrong with your way” and, at the same time, most of the changes I was trying to implement were not working for me. It was near the end of our sessions that I understood that not having a well-defined/constant routine was “my way”, I worked better that way but, for that to work, it was crucial to recognize it and accept it.

With her supportive way, without judgement, Melissa brought that clarity to me. So, the most significant change was, definitely, being able to transform a weakness, a source of frustration and demotivation, into a strength. I feel motivated and more productive and actually enjoy the flexibility that this brings to me.

The process itself, through Melissa’s intervention, provides us with self-knowledge that is pivotal for us to better adapt ourselves to life. From a personal point of view, it was crucial for me to feel supported throughout these particularly difficult times.

Coaching with Melissa means: No judgements, no pressure, just support and clarity. Sometimes, simple things that are in us but we can’t reach them are brought to light and they change our way. In the end, I feel that Melissa creates a supportive process where we actively recognize our strengths and sources of motivation.