Before coaching with Melissa  I found it hard to balance my time between work and off-time. This meant that I often tended to over-work and then crash afterwards, which led to having to rest for a long time after, during which I did not get much done.

What’s changed for me is that I have learned to pay more attention to why this happens and received several techniques and exercises. Practicing these have increased my awareness of when I start overworking and I am currently working on mastering how to transition away from this behavior and get into a more sustainable work/rest cycle. I have also learned how to appreciate small steps forward as success and frame challenging tasks as opportunities to improve, which has been highly helpful.

For my learning it was very helpful that Melissa provided both theoretical foundations for the key concepts as well as direct practical advice and action items to work on. We revisited the same topics several times from different angles and this repetition helped me become more aware and pay more attention to what was happening in my day to day work.

Setting aside time to work on a personal or professional skill without a deadline is hard. This program gave me an opportunity to work on my skills on a regular schedule with professional coaching along the way, which has led me to develop these skills at a higher pace and effectiveness than what I have experienced when doing similar work on my own.

During the program, it really became clear to me that Melissa genuinely cared about my progress from more than just a business perspective. We worked on aspects that I wanted to improve at a pace that was tailored to my schedule rather than a one-size fits all program. With her experience, knowledge, care, and empathy, Melissa was an ideal accountability partner for me in this journey, and I am grateful to her for helping me improve in the area I cared about.