Before coaching with Melissa, I was always delaying/avoiding the moment of sitting down and working on the writing of my scientific manuscript. I always thought that it would be a complicated task for me and I was feeling overwhelmed every time I thought about doing it. 

Thanks to Melissa’s coaching I realized why I was feeling that way and how I could overcome those barriers. Today I have been able to successfully finish the writing of the manuscript, enjoying the process and improving my work-life balance. 

Melissa’s coaching taught me to analyze the reasons why I was not being successful in the writing process. Then she gave the tools/exercises that helped me to work on those opportunities for growth and improve my efficiency and skills. 

It is important to me because it improved my performance at work but also impacted positively on my personal life and happiness. 

I think Melissa is very professional and knowledgeable and gives me the confidence to open up and be frank to her and myself, which I think is very critical to get results.