Before my coaching I was experiencing an inability to overcome a barrier to begin my proposal writing. In addition, times I was able to push forward, I had difficulty maintaining focus and remaining in a productive state. Writing had become a chore for me and I wanted to change this perspective.

Since my coaching with Melissa, I have been able to identify methods that are conducive to consistently achieving my writing goals on a daily basis. In addition, I have been able to identify appropriate writing environments that promote productive writing and I have established techniques that help me maintain my productivity over defined periods of time.

I am in the process of preparing project proposals for my future career and it was through Melissa’s coaching that I was able to progress in the writing process. Specifically, I have new-found confidence in my idea development and writing which has led to tangible documents I can use for project proposals. Additionally, I have taken the same tools and applied them to the successful preparation of a manuscript for publication! 

This program has been indispensable and invaluable for the development of successful writing habits. The program has assisted in my workplace success and subsequently my personal life because I can live less stressed about my work and focus on those aspects which hold significant importance to my happiness and well-being.

Melissa has an excellent ability to see what you can’t. On several occasions during my coaching, she revealed to me her observations regarding my challenges that altered my perspectives and changed my approaches to the challenges which ultimately led to successful results.