Before coaching with Melissa, I found it very difficult to get started in my writing. I was a very clever procrastinator, and found things to do to take away from my writing time. It filled me with anxiety and always provided moments of self doubt.

The negative cycle I had with starting to write is officially over! I find I am so much more excited and relaxed about writing, and I finally feel I have something meaningful to contribute. The opportunity to write gives me a sense of ease and I find myself in tune with what I need to do without having to experience the painful process I once did.

Melissa has brought order to my life in more ways than I could imagine. I found working with her has really helped me examine other aspects of my life, not only writing, and gave me a sense of control that I longed for. I now feel that I can get things accomplished in a timely manner and it is so uplifting.

The program has been a tremendous help – it improved my working and personal relationships, since it made me realize that I can define what it is that I need and what I need from other people to be an effective writer. This program has taught me to be an effective communicator not only in my writing, but in my relationships and it is sincerely life changing.

It is so important to coach with Melissa because it got me out of a “hole” I had placed myself in for so many years. I appreciated Melissa for helping me uncover my repetitious “negative self talk” and replaced it into one that is more positive and uplifting. I cannot express how much my sessions with Melissa have changed multiple areas of my life, especially writing.