Before coaching with Melissa I was exhausted, with low energy and no motivation to do my work. Procrastination had ruled my life, I was doing things at the last minute when panic took over and then crashing because of the stressful days. Also, writing was overwhelming.  

What’s changed as a result of coaching with Melissa is that I can now understand why I procrastinate, and then work on fixing the root cause. I learned what drains my energy and what I can do to make the writing process easier. For example, I made progress in my writing projects, and I also scheduled and completed an exam that I had previously put off for 2 years, and I’ve been following through on cooking more often and eating better, which I used to procrastinate about.

The program is individualized, and I had Melissa’s full attention on helping me go deeper inside my feelings and my relationship with work. She provided support to get back on track when things go out of control.

The program is a self-discovery process with Melissa holding my hand and guiding me.

She listens to our concerns and provides individual guidance on moving towards the goal. And she is always there to help us get back on track.

Nizia, Graduate Student