The powerful connection with Melissa has supported me tremendously to create the changes I would like to see and experience in my life. She has an art of skills-set to train you in the right direction towards your career goals. In the beginning or before the coaching with Melissa, my inner confidence levels with writing projects are very poor because of higher anxiety levels associated with it. She has provided invaluable coaching that helps me to self-realize, create awareness and understand the origin of my problem or weakness when it comes to writing. Further, I have learned an effective set of strategies and tools to identify the problems and how to acknowledge them, and how to overcome them by leveraging with my strengths. 

It was an incredible experience to work with Melissa. I’m feeling prouder that my inner-confidence levels are increased more than ever before.  Also, when I applied the learned strategies/tools in my ongoing writing projects such as fellowship applications and grants, I could see the improving my confidence, reducing the anxiety and fear, and experience positive results by applying them correctly. I really valued the structure of the program that provided the freedom and stimulation to express the fear/anxiety, share my thoughts freely without any hesitations, cherish the celebrations, and discuss what is still feeling incomplete on each session of the coaching. 

Melissa has an amazing encouraging gesture; provides an insightful discussion with live examples. She has helped me to surpass the non-supportive habits to overcome from the procrastination, distraction, and helps me to focus my energy levels to reach my short-term and long-term goals. This included writing and submitting a postdoctoral fellowship application and receiving the award!